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There are a variety of ways you can join the community of the Incredible Art Department. We have two list groups, a discussion group, forum, Facebook, Twitter, and Art Education 2.0. You can sign-up for at least one of these below:

Art Education Listgroup

This group is an art education listgroup for teachers, students, parents, artists, and homeschoolers. We cover all kinds of issues here related to art education and the arts. You can find art lessons that have been shared as well as ideas from about 2,000 members from around the world.


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Subscribe to the Art Education Listgroup. Include your name, your vocation, your country / state, and why you want to join the group. We require this to keep spammers out.


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Art Education Forum

Currently at over 860 members, this is the place where you can post questions and answers. The forum is divided by interests and media.

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Art Education 2.0

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Getty's TeacherArtExchange

Although this group has been retired, the archives are still online. This group was the first and most prestigious of all art education list groups. It has been around for a long time. Click the logo below to see the archives.




Another place to network: Incredible Art Groups


Art Education List Member Websites

Our list members include artists, students, art teachers, and those interested in the arts. Many of them have their own websites. They are included here.


Kris Fontes

Sherri Treeby

Michael Gerrish


Kathy Douglas

MaryAnn Kohl

Mary Palmer

Tricia Fuglestad

Marty Reid, Retired Georgia art specialist, Square 1 Art - owner/founder/president

Ann Ayers

Marcia Beckett

Theresa McGee

Dan Triplett

Kieren Dutcher

Beth Heit

Kathleen Arola, teaches at Sonoran Sky Elementary School in the Paradise Valley USD in AZ.

Barb Reser

Caitlin O'Neal Lopez

Jennifer Smith

Joan Maresh Hansen

Connie Robbins-Brady

Larry Seiler

Brenda Robson

May Sherina

Deb Putnam

Beth Bachuss

Kieren Dutcher

Steven Graham

Kamla Ravikumar

Lucy Hertz

Jeanette Locher