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Nicole BriscoNicole Brisco teaches art at Pleasant Grove High School in Texarkana, Texas. The mission of the school is to educate all students in a secure and nurturing environment so they will:

  • Acquire a foundation of knowledge

  • Develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically

  • Practice ethical attitudes, beliefs and behaviors

  • Become productive and cooperative members of a global society

"Art for me is more than a subject, more than an ideology, or a picture in a book. It is truly a life journey." Read Nicole's Philosophy of Art Education.


Nicole loves watching students develop and grow such a deep love for art. She gives them encouragement to find that creativity and hone in on it. She sees herself more as a "coach" - having discussions with them, questioning them, and treating them like real artists. Featured here are Advanced Studio Art projects.


From Nicole: "We know as teachers that students should have an understanding of art history, criticism, technique, composition, and art production, but how much do we push their knowledge on content?  Students should not only be challenged with technique and craftsmanship, but should also be aware of the vast world of content as well as independent exploration. I encourage you to implement more content oriented projects into your Pre-AP curriculum. This ideology will prepare students to select an insightful concentration that will challenge their art production as well as their mind." E-mail Nicole Brisco if you have questions about the work or her lesson plans.




1      mixed media

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Mixed Media/Layers - Ordinary to Extraordinary Collage

Objective: Students selected an object of interest using symbolism. Students created multiple original drawings to incorporate into their mixed media work. Students researched narrative/symbolic works and mixed media works. Students drew from life in their work and use the compositional skills they have learned. See Complete Lesson Plan


Intimate portrait Intimate portrait girl in hammock


Intimate Portrait "A Look at Human Behavior"

They say that humans spend 95% of their lives in uneventful moments, but we as humans usually document the only the most eventful moments such as, birthdays, graduations, births, and special occasions. As artist, we have the opportunity to make these ordinary moments extraordinary. Looking at human nature can be very interesting if you choose to look closely. Students created a figurative work based on a simplistic time in a friend or family member’s life. The overall goal was to connect the viewer with the person represented in the work. See detailed Lesson Plan


Cut paper portrait      Cut paper portrait

Cut Paper Portrait

Students cut portrait from black paper leaving a black frame border all around. See Lesson Plan for details.


Read Nicole Brisco's Advice for New Teachers - Things I Wish I Had Known

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The Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) has sponsored the Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE) since 1994. Go to State Information - Then select the year - Then select Pleasant Grove School. Many fine examples come up.


Art Comparisons

Submitted by: Nicole Brisco, Pleasant Grove High School

Title: The Game of Life - "A Comparison of the Two"
UNIT: Drawing - Mixed Media, "A Study of Perception" - Reflective Identity
Grade Level: High School - advanced



Students created a finished product based on a memorable childhood game. Students researched the game and how its rules apply to the "Game of Life". Student products represent their knowledge of drawing, color, and design, as well as, their ability to visually communicate their topic of choice. See detailed Lesson Plan Click images to see larger views.



Students created a self-portrait and incorporated the idea of "reflective identity" or how others perceive them. Students researched the theme of identity in artist work and how the artist subtle acknowledgments of identity are represented. The idea of "Reflective" is open to interpretation. See detailed Lesson Plan


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Acrylic Paint., Watercolor Paint., Oil Paint., or Oil Pastels.; Sable Brushes., Acrylic Gloss Medium. (If using acrylics), Linseed Oil. (If using oils), Canvas Panels. or Stretched Canvas., Watercolor Paper. (If using watercolors), Mat board. for matting watercolors.


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