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Welcome to the home page of Art Departments and Art Schools across the world. From the menu below you can find links to K-12 art departments that have been submitted to IAD. In the side column, you can find a link to art schools, colleges, and universities. Most of the best art schools are included in that list as well as others that have been submitted.


Elementary School Rooms


Gina Grant
Clifton Hill Primary Australia

Sky McClain
Kressen Elementary

Paige Conn
Fredericksburg Elementary

Vivian Komando
Phillips Exeter

Army Trail School

Denise Pannell Fairview Elementary

Cecilia Laureys
Marywood Palm Valley

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Middle / Jr. High School Rooms


Bunki Kramer New!

Los Cerros Intermediate School


Carolyn Brown
Lynnhaven Middle School

Pollard Middle School

Stephanie Corder
AZ Academy
US Virgin Islands

Brenda Robson- First Baptist Academy

Ellen Sears
Anchorage Public School

Jeannie Sandoval
West Hall MS

Kara LiCausi
Northport Middle School

Sue Galos
St. Clair School

High School Rooms


W.T. Clarke High School

Nicole Brisco Pleasant Grove High School

Wichita High School South

Maria Lengauer
CAPA High School

Betsy Heeney
New Hope- Solebuey HS

Justin Kramer's Art Room,
Redcliffe State High School, Australia


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Did you miss the linked photos above? You can find the lists of art departments and schools at the elementary art department page, the secondary art department page, and the art colleges page.