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Eric Carle Inspired Art

Eric Carle..."Picture Writer"... writer of well-loved children's books and also a well-known illustrator adored by children around the world. What a wonderful "jumping off" point for a fabulous art project. After watching the video "Eric Carle...Picture Writer", watching how he made his tissue papers, and listening to two of his wonderful stories, the students were enthusiastic about beginning their projects. Students were also asked to invent a title for their art piece which would relate with what the picture was about... .just like Eric Carle does... to entice the viewer. Below are a few of our works.


Bug on a Leaf art

"A Bug On A Leaf In A Park" by Chris C.

Spider in black painting

"Symphony In Black" by Lucas R.

Dragonfly painting

"The Dragonfly Who Was Afraid To Fly" by Teruyo U.

Bug painting

"Come fly With Me and See My World"

by Cayley L.

A Lone Ant painting

"A Lone Ant In a Parallel Universe" by Arly D.

Bumblebee painting

"The Bumblebee Who Lost His Buzz" by Wes S.