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Artists Jim Dine, Eric Carle, and Giacometti

Tribute to Jim Dine

Jim Dine is a well-known, living American artist born in Ohio. Known for his series of items (robes, tools, hearts), our students used his heart series as inspiration in making their own classroom series. Below are some wonderful Cray-Pas. works by our students using his technique... which is a loose form of coloring and opposite shading.


Pastel heart ala Jim Dine      Pastel Jim Dine Heart


Jim Dine pastel heart


pastel heart      pastel heart      pastel heart


pastel heart      Jim Dine pastel heart


Eric Carle Bugs

8th Grade

Eric Carle, writer of well-loved children's books and also a well-known illustrator is adored by children around the world. What a wonderful "jumping off" point for a fabulous art project. After watching the video "Eric Carle: Picture Writer" - watching how he made his tissue papers, and listening to two of his wonderful stories - the students were enthusiastic about beginning their projects. Students were also asked to invent a title for their art piece which would relate with what the picture was about - just like Eric Carle does - to entice the viewer. Below are a few of our works.


Eric Carle bug

"A Bug On A Leaf In A Park" by Chris C.


Eric Carle bug picture

"The Dragonfly Who Was Afraid To Fly" by Teruyo U.


Eric Carle bug

"A Lone Ant In a Parallel Universe" by Arly D.


Eric Carle bug

"Symphony In Black" by Lucas R.


Eric Carle bug picture

"Come fly With Me and See My World" by Cayley L.


Eric Carle bug

"The Bumblebee Who Lost His Buzz" by Wes S.

Giacometti Sculpture

Giacometti picture

Board display of Giacometti's work.

7/8th Grade

Our students really enjoy working in 3D. After looking at work done by Alberto Giacometti, they were enthused about trying their own figure sculptures. We discussed body proportion and examined Giacometti's elongated style of skeletal figures. We were ready to start our own.


Each student worked with two coat hangers (blue or white kind), taping them together with Masking Tape.. The head was formed like an upside-down Easter egg dunker and stuffed with newspaper. The figure was attached, if desired, onto wood bases. The figure was wrapped in rolled newspaper to add form and then covered with Elmer's Art Paste strips (Can also use flour and water or wallpaper paste).


The sculptures were all painted in brown Tempera Paint.. Students were offered three options for sponge-antiquing their figure... either in turquoise, green, or black Tempera Paint.. The final sponged layer of antiquing was done in either gold, copper, or silver Metallic Tempera Paint. These sculptures stand approx. 18" (45.7 cm) high when finished.


Tempera antiquing

The three option processes for antiquing in tempera with sponges.


Giacometti sculpture      Giacometti sculpture


Giacometti sculpture      Giacometti sculpture


Giacometti sculpture      Giacometti sculpture

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