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O'Keeffe Flowers and Picasso Faces

Picasso Faces

Students often find the study of Picasso's abstract works fascinating because even though Picasso's works aren't necessarily realistic, the viewer can usually discover the intent as well as how the artist chose DIFFERENTLY to represent the subject matter in his personal style. We chose to delve into Picasso's portraits and after viewing a myriad of visuals, decided to make our own cubist faces. We also wanted to use a different medium in sculptural quality so we chose to use the pantyhose lesson found elsewhere on this website. The only basic change from that lesson was to keep our sculptures somewhat two-sided so we could abstract basically in line and color without dealing in too much 3-D as well.


We formed our basic shapes, attached to wooden base, and then added Gesso.. Features were cut from Tag board., glued on, and in some cases added a 3-D quality. The faces were painted with Tempera Paint. and items were added such as Yarn Assortment. sewn for hair, jewelry, etc. Although you cannot see the back side of each sculpture here, the students were required to also design the other side as well. Some students decided to paint an entirely new face on the back and some chose to do their backside as the back of the head. These projects became a nice show-stopper in our display case.


Picasso face

by Cayley

Picasso face

by Lora

Picasso face

by Lucas

Picasso face


Picasso face


Picasso face

O'Keeffe Flower Paintings

7th and 8th Grade

Georgia O'Keeffe was a well-known American artist who is revered for her extraordinary paintings of flowers, bones, and the Southwest landscape. She once said that people would not stop and look at her flowers if they were small so she made them huge and often chose to paint a close-up view of her subjects. Many of her paintings become abstract in quality because of this method. Below are examples of our O'Keeffe-style 18x24" (45.7 x 61 cm) paintings.


O'Keeffe picture O'Keeffe picture O'Keeffe picture


8th Grade

Recently we finished a lesson on Georgia O'Keeffe. Here are some of our art pieces which were inspired by O'Keeffe's fabulous paintings.

O'Keeffe picture

by Ryan B.

O'Keeffe picture O'Keeffe picture

by Clayton S.

by Casey G.



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