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Backpack Art and Canvas Masks

Bunki Kramer's Art Class

6th Grade

The 6th grade art class spent four days drawing contour lines with black sharpies of things around the art room. We drew upside-down bicycles, stuffed animals, plants, still-life, and finally we drew backpacks. Each student had their choice of the four drawings they each did and were asked to select their favorite. We then learned how to work with watercolor. Here are some of our backpack paintings.



Sharpie Fine Point Markers.

Watercolor Brushes., Prang Watercolor Pan Sets. and Watercolor Paper.


Backpack drawing

by Emily O.


by Kelsey S.

by Chloe R.


by John Y.

Canvas Board and Masks

This was an end-of-year project in which 7th and 8th grade students had to show mastery of what they had learned during their year of Advanced Art. They began by doing many thumbnail sketches for gathering ideas. Their goals were to incorporated the elements and principles of design as well as color mixing and use of blending plus working in "relief" form.


Each student was given a cardboard face and a choice of canvas size to best suit what they had to say in their artwork. Students were also required to "build up" areas with relief using a mixture of white glue, water, and toilet paper. Some students chose to bring extra materials from home to add interest to their piece.

Although the basic materials were similar, you can see here how each approached their art piece with great thought and originality.


Canvas mask

by Dori B.

Canvas mask

by Nikki H.

Canvas mask

by Jamie W.

Canvas mask

by Lisa B.

Canvas mask

by Michael R.

Canvas mask

by Robin S.

Canvas mask

by Emily Ann R.


>Canvas mask

by Erin M.



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