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Crayon Cubism

7th/8th Grade

The year-long Art classes recently spent time studying the techniques of the cubist painters, especially the study of value changes within the artists' painting techniques... going from light to dark in color values within the same space.


Here you can view our final projects and see our success in rendering this method of coloring. Our medium of choice was simple construction crayons on colored Construction Paper..


Cubist Crayon drawing

by Missy Mackell

Crayon cubism

by Jeff Brandt

Cubist crayon drawing

by Brianna Tsu

Cubist crayon drawing

by Cora Nemanic

Autumn Quilt

6th Grade Leaves

Autumn was our theme as we learned about different shapes of leaves. We practiced color blending with colored pencils... one value into another value and one color blending into another color.

These looked fabulous when attached and became our "Autumn Quilt."


Autumn quilt Autumn quilt Autumn quilt
Autumn quilt Autumn quilt Autumn quilt

by Jackie, Matthew, Cole, Anthea, Michelle and Erin


Coiled Baskets

7th/8th grade

Baskets displayed in our library cases.


coiled baskets          coiled baskets


The baskets pictured on this page were made by 7/8th grade combination ART 1 classes. Baskets were made out of heavy twine/rope and yarn using a plastic needle. We used the coiled method of construction.


coiled baskets          coiled basket


Each student started with 12' of rope and most requested more rope as their basket grew. Each basketmaker was required to add something extra to their basket such as loops, handles, or covers, etc. We worked on them for one week in the classroom and then the students took their baskets home to continue working for a couple of weeks. We finished them in class together. It was fun seeing little groups of students working on their baskets during lunch recess.


coiled basket          coiled basket


This project was done in connection with Native American Indian Month.


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