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Colored Pencil Eye Drawings and Grots

These colored pencil drawings all began with the same eye symbol and the same shape and size. Students were encouraged to be creative in their design and allowed to use the "eye" in any way or any number. The goal was the usage of color blending with the Colored Pencils.. Blending between colors AND darks and lights of a color. Upon completion, students were asked to reflect on their success with their blending and compositional quality through written critiques.


Colored pencil eye design

Lil’ Red Butterfly By Allie Y.

Glowing eye colored pencil Squid beaker colored pencil

Glowing Eye by Tyler K.

Squid Beaker by Jamie G.

Ocean Girl colored pencil Colored pencil patterns

Ocean Girl by Nikki H.

Patterns by Casey H.

Dream bubbles colored pencil Rainbow Eye colored pencil

Dream Bubbles by Emily R.

Rainbow of Eye by Amy F.

Twisti Turvey colored pencil Reflections colored pencil

Topsi-Turvi by Cora N.

Reflections by Ashley H.

Trapped Lion colored pencil

Trapped Lion by Lisa B.


7th/8th Grade

Grots (Short for grotesque) are mystical, fairy-like creatures who live in the forest. If you have gone for a walk in the woods, perhaps you have even walked very close to one OR rested on one. When humans are around, they look like your average rock on the ground but in the evening, when no human is present, they pop their little bodies out of the earth and become lively little imps playing together.


The students delighted in the story of grots and wanted to make their own. Each student brought in a plastic grocery bag and stuffed it tightly with newspaper. The legs were made from toilet paper rolls and thicken with padded newspaper. The feet were cut from cardboard box scraps. The student had a choice of their grot standing, sitting, or squatting. The features were made from toilet paper and a white glue/water mixture which made a form of pliable clay.


Students were given a choice of different kinds of antiquing to give it a "patina" of earth colors. Antiquing was done in either gold, copper, or silver Metallic Tempera Paint. Sponging it on top of regular Tempera Paint. gives a nice effect.


The very last part of our project was a written assignment explaining about our individual Grots. The Grots were displayed in the library alongside our stories. [See also Garden Grots and Grot Grass Heads.]


Grot sculpture Grot sculpture
By Kristen W. By Jennifer S.

Grot sculpture

By Alyssa L.


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