Non-Objective Drawings & Pointillism Painting

Non-Objective Drawings

7th and 8th Grade Combination

Students worked on blending techniques with Prang Colored Pencils.. Most of their blending exercises pertained to blending with values of one color and blending with two or more colors together. After finishing their blending exercises, the students made round viewfinders out of note cards. They were asked to go through magazines until they found non-objective subject matter, looking for a balanced composition, a center of interest in this composition (but not centered) and looking for a repeating pattern (or repeating line) of some kind.


When students were finished with their composition, they were also required to make their own rounded frame, repeating the same color found somewhere in their composition. Many chose specific frame colors to bring out a point of emphasis in their drawings. See student work below.


Non-objective drawing

by Alex M.

Non-objective drawing

by Mitch R.

Non-objective art

by Brianna P.

Non-objective drawing

by Zack E.

Non-objective art

by Kurt S.

Non-objective drawing

by Katie M.

Non-objective art

by Lucas R.

Non-objective colored pencil drawing

by Glenn H.


Link: See Ken Schwab's art lesson relating to this.

Pointillism Painting

7/8th Grade

Students studied the technique Georges Seurat used in his paintings (small dot-like strokes) and his use of color theory. Using surgical Q-tips and Watercolor Paint., students was asked to reproduce the technique discussed in their paintings. Although this technique takes considerable time, the final projects are magnificent. These are 12"x 18" (30.5 x 45.7 cm) works. See student work below. See more on pointillism on IAD's pointillism page.


Pointillism wolf Pointillism butterfly


Pointillism parrot Pointillism tiger


Link: See the corresponding art lesson by Bunki on IAD.


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