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Middle School Painting

6th Grade

Below are examples of our 6th grade paintings. Emphasis is placed on color theory along with painting skills. Students are asked to go outside the classroom within a 5 minute period and select two leaves which have "personality"... leaves with holes, missing edges, etc. Students draw these and then pick their favorite one. They perform an abstraction of this design.


Next we paint a color wheel of primaries, secondaries, and tertiary colors; another wheel of gray values; another of one color showing tints and shades. They keep these wheels for reference.


Each student has a choice of using one of these options.... Option #1 - use only the 3 primaries plus white (must mix to get secondaries, tertiaries) with cool colors outside the leaf and warm inside... or Option #2 - use only one color plus black and white using gray values only on the outside, color plus white on inside making tints/shades.


Leaf painting Leaf painting Leaf painting

by Chris

by Lauren

by Alex

Leaf painting

by Kerry

Hidden Pictures Painting

7th Grade

Seventh grade has a rotational wheel called Exploratory 7. Classes meet for an approximately period of seven weeks in each of these subjects... art, computers, drama, foods, and woodshop. In art rotation, we focus on art history, aesthetics, more skill development, elements and principles.


This project Hidden Pictures is begun by studying the works of Bev Doolittle who is a well-known, living California artist. Students enjoy viewing her work because each work has an underlying hidden work inside. Very unique. We try to accomplish something somewhat similar by trying to hide our subject matter as well.


As you view these following pieces, look for the main subject matter "hidden" within. (If a painting here "stumps" you than you'll find the answer scrolling down.)


7th grade painting 7th grade painting 7th grade painting

by Lauren

by Stephanie

by Missy

7th grade painting 7th grade painting

by Michael

by Sarah

7th grade paintng


Lauren - beetle

Stephanie - porpoise

Missy - two parrots

Michael - cat

Sarah - hummingbird

Casey - dog

by Casey



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