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Paper Maché Monsters and Weaving

The Screamer

7th/8th Grade

Paper Mache. literally takes over the art room for a semester whenever our monsters "visit." Working on his or her own individual "screamer" monster for an entire semester, each student uses 12 coat hangers plus newspaper to form their shapes. Once the shapes are achieved, we paper maché. After a layer of maché, we cover all with Plaster Gauze. and shape the features of the head. Each student is required to add something unique to their work... maybe wings, antennae, tail, etc. Celluclay Instant Papier Maché. forms the teeth and eyes. Monsters are spray-painted and detail is added in Tempera Paint.. Drool is provided with a Glue Gun. and Hot Glue Sticks..


As a group of 30 students, we average 120 rolls of Masking Tape., 700 lbs. of flour, 40 lbs. of Celluclay Instant Papier Maché., $300 worth of Plaster Gauze., and lots and lots of R-O-O-M.


The finale is a written biography of each student's monster depicting the name, habitat, diet, family history, etc.


Creating the Screamer      The Screamer


During drying periods, we view monster-making videos and learn how monsters are created, both by hands-on and by using computers for the movies.


The Screamer      The Screamer


The "beginning" - all quiet on the western front.


The Screamer The Screamer Bruce and his Screamer sculpture

Growing and growing...


Taking on "personalities"


Fully grown monsters



Left: Bruce and his monster

Monsters on IAD:

Create a Monster Drawing - In this lesson, students will create their own monsters that may exist in their imaginary closets.

Papier Maché Monster Sculptures - Monsters have been part of the movie-making industry for many years. You have recently been commissioned to create prototypes for a sequel to the movie Monsters, Inc.

Monster Transformation Portrait - Students will become monsters in their drawings. We will create a half-face monster and half-face portrait of ourselves.

Duct Tape Monsters and Plastic Bag Aliens - Students will create a colored sketch, of their monster or alien and then create it with stuffed plastic bags.

Ceramic Monsters - Design an original monster. Create a hollow clay form - combine hand building techniques. Demonstrate craftsmanship in construction and glazing.



6th Grade


Our 6th grade wheel is composed of classes of six week duration in which they explore each of these subjects... art, keyboarding, chorus, study skills, and woodshop. These students, therefore, only see me for a six week period once a year. Although our time is short, beginning skills, use and care of materials, and observation are stressed. We divide our time between color theory, drawing, weaving terms and manipulation, and printing.


Here are some of our weavings. Students must accomplish four tasks in their weaving... making loops, using lint from a washer/dryer, weaving a stick found just outside the classroom door, and leaving some open space. Many math skills are re-enforced with precise measuring by ruler and working with a Master compass. The compass work is transferred to metal which is attached to the finished weaving along with feathers if the students choose.


Weaving Weaving


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