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Self Portrait Figure

Submitted by: Jeanne Bjork, Pewaukee High School, Pewaukee, WI
AP Art/Advanced Studio

Assignment #3

"Self Portrait: Full Body" Project

Create a work of art related to your interpretation of your self. This is a self-portrait project, but not just a head and shoulders type of work.  Who are you?  What do you look like?  What is it important for you to express to others?  What surroundings and environment do you feel most comfortable in or least comfortable in? How do your surroundings effect how you look and feel?



  • Work must be a minimum of 8x10 inches (20 x 25.5 cm) if photography or digital and 16x20 (40.6 x 51) cm) if drawn, painted or mixed media, 3-d will vary.

  • If photography-work must involve a series of 8-10 images of your own.Full Body Project

  • If doing digital work must involve at least 5 images that are your own.

  • Work must show your portrait in full figure with an interesting or significant background.

  • You should be the main subject in large detail. Make sure you are not too small in the work. You should take up ¾ of the compositional space.

  • Work must use realism as the style of expression with attention paid to details such as proportion, perspective, texture, pattern and value.

  • Work can be all black and white or color or a combination.

  • Work can include text provided that the lettering is designed into the piece and treated as a design element not just text.

  • Work should incorporate a strong sense of composition and design.

  • Work should be able to be displayed in our studio/gallery space.

  • Work needs to meet deadline.

Sketchbook Requirements:

  • Brainstorm your idea creating a list of ideas that you could explore. This written brainstorm should fill the page.

  • Do at least 10 small quick thumbnails planning your project and have them initialed by Mrs. Bjork before beginning the assignment.

  • Show pages in your sketchbook where you experimented with the media you plan to use in your project.

  • Complete the in class figure drawing practice exercises.

  • Do sketches/studies of your body, face and the background you intend to use in your work.

  • Written artist statement explaining the criteria and concept you set up for yourself.