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Art Olympics

Art Olympics

Submitted by: Heidi McElroy

(Inspired from Getty TeacherArtExchange Thread - Possible credit goes to Christina Arndt)


ELEMENT-ary events:

Line- Bow line race on length of paper. I drop watered down tempera and a member from each team uses a straw to blow a continuous line over the finish line.


Shape- (team event) In 30 seconds using scissors and Construction Paper all team members who have brought their scissors (being prepared) cut as many different shapes as possible.


Value- (team event) Race. The first team to put 8 different colored rectangles of const. paper in correct value order (light to dark or dark to light) wins. *I have done this with their shirt colors also.


Texture- (1 person team helps) takes a dark crayon and a piece of paper and collects as many different texture rubbings in one minute.


Form- (team event) Body sculpture. The first team to spell out the word "art" wins. I always remind them that I read left to right. I have also done this as a house of cards contest. The first team to create a first story then second story etc. gets first place.


Space- (1 person team helps) each team is given a circle, square, and triangle cut out of paper and a background paper. The first team to glue the shapes so that the square is in the background, circle in the middle ground and the triangle is in the foreground wins.


Color- (1 person) I have done this event two different ways. 1-From assorted balloons the team member must choose one of the primaries, blow it up and tie it securely. 2- out of my scrap Crayons box the team member must find the three primaries and color them on a paper. (race) *Sometimes I ask for the secondaries or neutrals etc. for variety.


I usually work in 5 teams of my choosing (by table area) of 5-6 students.


1st place scores 5, 2nd-4, 3rd-3, 4th-2, and 5th-1 for each event.


As a tie breaker or time finisher, I have had teams list the 7 elements as a race and give a point for each correct answer. Or teams create new lyrics to the melody of twinkle twinkle little star using the art elements. They are given points for the number of elements used in the song, creativity, and completeness- if the song makes sense-ha!


Balance- 5 minute timed event (team event) Building a house of cards. At the end of the time limit the tallest house wins. Design/structure may be symmetrical or asymmetrical.


Pattern- (team event) 1 minute the team with the longest list of patterns (repeated designs) wins.


Proportion- (two members) a race to put photographic reproductions of real objects in the correct size relationships ranging either from large to small or small to large.


Contrast- (team event) 1 minute race. Team lists as many pairs of opposite characteristics of the various art elements. example short/long - line smooth/rough - texture light/dark - value


Unity- (team event) 4 minutes. Relay race. 6x18 paper folded in fourths One team member draws a design (1 minute) passes on to next team member to reproduce. Creates a border design.


Emphasis- (1 person with teams advice) creates an area of emphasis in the border design.


Rhythm- (team event) Teams have time to compose new lyrics to the melody of Twinkle Twinkle Little star or some other well known song, using art elements and principles learned. The team must sing their song and is judged on- number of art terms used, rhythm, and completeness ( if the song makes sense).


[it has been awhile since I used this; I recall it taking around 3 class periods of about 45 minutes each]