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Art Across the Curriculum

Dear Elementary Teachers,

Research shows that children learn best through hands on activities.  This next year, it is my goal to integrate my lessons with your curriculum as much as possible. In doing so, I can enhance and reinforce learning. Throughout the year, I will also be introducing lessons around master artists in an effort to teach Character Development. Positive character traits will be discussed and practiced in the art room.


Please take a moment to fill in the form below. Give me four main units. Each year, I build on these and add more.


Classroom teacher ________________________________  


Grade level__________________


Math Skills - Concepts

Major Objectives

Time of year (month)








Language Arts Skills – Literature -Themes

Major Objectives/Big ideas

Time of year (month)









Social Studies - Major units

Big Ideas/Objectives

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Science Units - Concepts

Big Ideas/Objectives

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Student Critique and Class Critique

Submitted by: Jeannie Sandoval

Name: _________________________________


Individual Art Critique

Write your ideas here. Give first impressions. Make guesses. Say what you see, do not say what you like, or don't like. Do not judge. Describe, analyze, and interpret.

l. What stands out the most when you first see it?

2. Explain the reason you notice the thing you mention in number 1.

3. As you keep looking, what else seems important?

4. Why does the thing you mention in number 3 seem important?

5. How has contrast (value) been used?

6. What leads your eye around from place to place?

7. What titles could you give this artwork? Name at least three.

8. What other things interest you about this artwork?

9. What did you learn while doing this project? Was it worth it?

10. If you could change anything about your picture, what would it be and why?

*Is there anything that could have been done differently that would have made this project even more successful? I am all ears... tell me J


Submitted by: Jeannie Sandoval
Round Robin Class Critique

Critique for Hard Edge Painting


Using the Critique Process, you must select two works of art created by your fellow classmates and write a paragraph about the works. Once completed with those critiques, you must critique your own painting. Use complete sentences and proper grammar. Use the correct order when evaluating the projects: Description, Analysis, Interpretation and Judgment


Answer the following questions for each critique.

Description: Describe what you see, be detailed. Describe the colors and the layout. Analysis: Why did the painter use those colors and letter fonts? What could have been done differently? Interpretation: What do you think the artist was trying to say within their painting? Judgment: Is this something you would hang in your bedroom? Would you buy this? Why or why not?


Project 1:


Project 2:


Project 3 (Your own project):


Art Room Job Application

Submitted by: Chris Massingill

Art Room Job Application


Name ______________________________________________


Grade Level ___________________


Class period ___________________


Job Title ____________________________________________


Please give a brief explanation of why you would be a good candidate for this job. Feel free to include any relevant experience, responsibilities, or outstanding feats!









Help Wanted Ads

Submitted by: Chris Massingill



Art room job descriptions - all jobs are permanent positions
from now until the end of the nine weeks - so choose wisely!

Supply Officer

Are you organized? Do you believe that every thing has its place? Do you love to count things??? The Art Room needs a good supply counter. Responsibilities include: making sure that supplies are in their proper place as well as counting valuable supplies like scissors and glue sticks before the end of class. Your job will be to make sure that each table has their supplies in order before they can leave class!


Clean up team

Looking for two good people to help with classroom clean up. Are you a neat freak??? Do you iron your t-shirts? Then this is the job for you!!!! Responsibilities include sweeping and wiping down tables as well as gently reminding classmates that they need to clean their area better before they can leave - this job is not for the rude or bossy!!!!

Handout Helper

Are you a people person? Are you good with names? Can you organize a stack of papers in a flash? Fantastic! Then this is the job for you!!! Responsibilities include organizing Sketchbooks, handing back work and handing out supplies. Here’s your chance to release your inner wiggle worm and move around the room! No fancy dance steps required.



Do you love books??? Me, too!! I need someone to help me take good care of them! We’ll be doing silent reading in art class three times a week, and I need someone to help me to keep the bookshelves straight, make sure students put their books back after reading time, and inquire about overdue books. Book poachers BEWARE!!!! Mwhahahahaha!