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Online Art Activities for Kids

  • A. Pintura: Art Detective. Learn art history while playing detective

  • A Place of Our Own - A collection of creative activities for preschool children.

  • - A collection of online art games.

  • Alright-Knox Art Games - [Archive] An interactive website for kids ages 4 - 12.

  • Andy Warhol's Marilyn Prints - Change the colors of Warhol's famous painting and then print.

  • Art Games - Play various games Online. Produced by Alright-Knox Art Gallery.

  • Art Games - This page by includes at least 16 games you can play Online.

  • Art Games Online - [Archive] A collection of online art games by

  • Artists Helping Children - Children & Art Resources for the Budding Child Artist - A non-profit organization dedicated to bringing comfort to children in hospitals, clinics, and shelters by brightening their environment with murals and other art.

  • Art Just for Kids - IAD's link to art appreciation - art history - museum "trips" - Online. games and projects - fun things to do.

  • ARTcapades [Archive] with K-3 bilingual Online. activities and lessons.

  • ArtPad - [Archive] A great online painting program that allows you to select a brush and color, and paint away. You can view the paintings of other visitors as well as e-mail your painting to others.

  • Artsology: Culture for Kids - Open your minds to new ideas. Fun activities and games for kids - test your knowledge. Art History Games - Frans Hals' Ring Toss

  • The 5 Art History Quiz, with questions about art, art about religion and more. Questions change each month.

  • Bomono - Create pictures using patterns that you create with buttons, pointing and clicking.

  • Build Your Own Snowman - Build it online and submit it for a chance to win prizes.

  • Carlos' Coloring Book Home, where you can color holiday pictures with your web browser.

  • Cartoon Lessons - IAD's cartoon section where you can teach yourself cartooning.

  • Cartooning Lessons, basic lessons by Glen Wyand and Sara Jordan.

  • Chunky Monkey Cartoon Lessons, with a few lessons on animal cartoons.

  • Collage Machine (Requires Shockwave and Firefox browser) [Archive] Presented with a blank work screen, visitors can peruse the collection of objects, colors and shapes offered and then drag them onto their workspace. After doing so, the images can be manipulated in a variety of ways. Get ready for hours of fun! Try the Auto selection, too, and see what pops up. All "kid safe" images.

  • The Color Game - IAD's lesson on color at the middle school level.

  • Color with Leo - Their art studio includes games related to color and drawing. There are many games here.

  • Coloring 4 All - You can color in coloring sheets online. Although you don't create your own pictures, you can experiment in color on the pages.

  • Coloring Games Online - You can color in coloring sheets online. Although you don't create your own pictures, you can experiment in color on the pages.

  • Coloring Pages 24 - This site has many coloring pages, follow the dots, cards, and other activities.

  • Coolmath Puzzles - This popular destination for kids has a puzzle section.

  • Cosmeo - Features Online. art games by Discovery Education. Needs the Flash Player to function.

  • Curious Corner - Several Online. art games by the Art Institute of Chicago. See the mask maker, Cornell boxes, create portraits, and match shapes, textures, and sounds. Site needs Flash Player to run.

  • Drawing Drawer - Art teacher Marty Reid has a long list of things students can do when they get done early.

  • Drawing How to Draw - An incredible site with lots of drawing tutorials. You can also draw online.

  • Dr. Seuss - Click on the picure frames for games. Cick the "forth" arrow for more games. Also see What Color are your Days, Make Your Own Bookmark, and Things to do on a Rainy Day. (Archives)

  • EagleKids, where you can find a coloring book, art contest, and eagle art gallery. (Archive)

  • Eyes on Art - This webquest is created by Tom March. Tom has been on the web as long as IAD.

  • Facemaker, [Archive] where you can create a face Online. This site takes awhile to load.

  • Family Activities - a great page of art activities by Scholastic Magazine. Also see their online games section.

  • Free Rice - Answer questions about famous artists and for each answer you get right, they donate 20 grains of rice through the UN World Food Program.

  • Free Time Activities - IAD's List of free time activities submitted by teachers.

  • Game Boards [Archive] - A collection of free game boards and games by Jefferson Country Schools.

  • Games Games - A collection of online art games.

  • Garden of Praise - with art appreciation lessons for kids.

  • Garfield Comic Creator - You can create Garfield comics as well as games and puzzles.

  • Getting to - A collection of free curriculum guides and activities.

  • Getty Games - A great page of games created by the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

  • Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins - With Halloween activities, games, webquests, and more.

  • Girls Go Games - A collection of girl-oriented games.

  • Graffiti Creator - Create your own graffiti Online. You can choose a font and fill it with graffiti.

  • Halloween Games & Puzzles - Halloween games by Disney. Also see Halloween Games by Kaboose.

  • Hampshire Museum - Several painting puzzles and exploration of patterns. Unfortunately, it only works on Windows. (Archive)

  • Haring Kids - With interactive activities that relate to the late graffiti artist Keith Haring.

  • IAD's Art Games and Activities - This page includes activity ideas from art teachers from around the world.

  • IAD's Free Time Activities - This page includes a list of activities when students are done with their work.

  • IAD's Christmas Page - with lessons and activities

  • IAD's Drawing Drawer Ideas - What to do when students get done early.

  • IAD's Easter Page - with lessons and activities

  • IAD's Halloween - with lessons and activities

  • IAD's Impressionator - Read about Van Gogh and then create an Impressionist picture.

  • IAD's Pointillator - Read about the art of Seurot and then create a pointillism picture.

  • IAD's Valentine's Day - with lessons and activities

  • IAD's St. Patrick's Day - with lessons and activities

  • Interactivate Tessellate! - You can create your own tessellations online.

  • How to Draw a Cartoon Character - by Gary Harbo. Nice Site!

  • International Child Art foundation - (You need the Firefox browser for this one) They have games and puzzles. (Archive)

  • Jackson - You need the Firefox browser for this one. Move your mouse around and create a Jackson Pollock-like painting. Click to change colors.

  • Jigsaw - You can create your own jigsaw puzzles online. Create puzzles from works of art.

  • Jigsaw Planet - Put together jigsaw puzzles online. You need Java for it to work.

  • KidArt - Online activities for students. How do you want the world to be a better place? Lots to see and do on this site - kids' art music and more.

  • Kidopo - There are many coloring pages and printables as well as how-to craft videos.

  • Kim and Jason: The Comic Strip About Childhood - By Jason Kotecki. The site used to have a daily comic strip, which follows the misadventures of two young children trying to make straight the crooked world of grown-ups.

  • Learn Art - A very comprehensive list of educational art activities by Beaucoup.

  • Leonardo's Workshop - Learn about Leonardo Da Vinci while have fun doing it.

  • Library of Congress Learning Page - You can find lots of game and activities here.

  • Make-a-Flake - Create snow flakes online and save the patterns to your computer. You need Firefox to make this work.

  • Make Belief Comics - You can create your own comic strip online here.

  • Mandala Maker - [Archive] You need Firefox for this to work. From Girls Go Tech - Girl Scouts. To save your mandala to file, click Print Screen - then paste into new file in your photo editing software. Crop the image down to five inch square. You can use lasso tool to cut out the remaining label in corner. - More Games (Archives)

  • Mark Kistler's Imagination Station! - Step-by-step 3-D Drawing Lessons!

  • Math Tessellations, created an online design using geometric shapes. You need the Firefox browser for it to work. (Archive)

  • Mentisworks - A blog with art games

  • Mind's Eye Monster Exchange Project, [Archive] for fun monster art lessons and a collection of student galleries.

  • More Than Math - These games use math to teach art.

  • Mr. Picasso Head - You need the Firefox browser. Where you can drag and drop facial features to create a Picasso image.

  • National Museum Liverpool - Portrait Interactive Lots to learn here - Try it! You will have fun testing your knowledge of how to read a painting.

  • NGAkids - Create paintings online and more!

  • Nick Jr. - A page of online art games featuring cartoons on Nick Jr. television.

  • Odosketch [Archive] - You can create your own online sketches and see the sketches of others. You can also view a slideshow of sketches in action.

  • Online Activities/Art Safari - with interactive online lessons.

  • Online Art Games - A page of art games on LiveBinder.

  • Paper Airplanes on the Internet, [Archive] Check these sites selected by Surfing the net with Kids.

  • Pencilmation - This Youtube channel has a collection of funny animated cartoons that motivates students to draw.

  • Puzzlemaker - Play puzzles online by Discovery Education.

  • Quia - Where you can do a search for art activities. The site includes a color theory, an elements of art puzzle, principles of design puzzle and Andy Warhol game.

  • Renaissance Connection - [Archive] You need Firefox and an older computer to view. A great site with games, quizzes, lessons and resources on the Renaissance.

  • Rollip - (Now called Yogile) Create photo effects from your own photos for download or print.

  • Study Sphere - [Archive] A collection of online art games.

  • Surfing the Net with Kids - [Archive] They have a number of art games there.

  • Tate Kids Art Detective - You need the Firefox browser for this to work. Find clues and solve art mysteries online. See their other art games.

  • The - An online coloring book. Kids can learn the names of 192 colors while they're coloring.

  • ToonDoo - Create cartoons and illustrate books for free.

  • Uncle Fred's Coloring book and other art games.

  • Virtual Jack-O-Lantern - You can carve pumpkins online! (Archive)

  • Walker Art Center [Archive] has interactive art activities categorized by grade level. (Click on grade level circle buttons at the top of the page to see the activities.)

  • YouDraw The aim of this website is to show what 6 billion people look like by producing 12,000 copies of a book of 500,000 human figures drawn by visitors to the site. Help the creators of YouDraw achieve their goal by using the interactive drawing pad available on the site. For children and adults.

Lesson Plans for Art Teachers - See Separate Page

Educational Interactive Sites by Students

  • Art History: ArtiFAQ 2100 Student created site - chronicles art history past and present. By students at John F. Kennedy High School in the Bronx under the direction of Steve Feld.

  • Curse of King Tut: Fact or Myth? Award winning site by students at John F. Kennedy High School in the Bronx under the direction of Steve Feld. (Archive)

  • Getty Games - Art education-related games including puzzles, detective, downloads and more. This page won't work on the Chrome browser.

  • Learning about Leonardo - Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling? [Archive] student created site - presenting original music by Leonardo da Vinci. By students at John F. Kennedy High School in the Bronx under the direction of Steve Feld.

  • Newton's Castle - Learn about color, optical illusions, observations from nature and fascinating facts about how cars roll up hill and why dogs chase cars. Created by students at John F. Kennedy High School in the Bronx under the direction of Steve Feld. (Archive)

  • The Shroud of Turin - Web site provides information to suggest that Leonardo DaVinci may actually have created the shroud, discussing his motivations as well as his capabilities and presents the information, allowing visitors to the website to express their own opinions on this subject. Created by students at John F. Kennedy High School in the Bronx under the direction of Steve Feld. (Archive)

  • Web Sudoku - a logic-based placement puzzle. For older students.

Art Media Tutorials - Drawing - Painting

  • Animation Meat - With many animation tutorials by Disney instructor Walt Stanchfield.

  • Art Workshops: Listing of national workshops of artist Cynthia Padilla

  • Bet Borgeson: Colored Pencils. Online course. Site has some images in the gallery you may want to show kids - and some online tutorials. Email addresses are given for artists if you want to put images in a PowerPoint.

  • Botanicalart - A forum for artists dedicated to the realistic portrayal of plants, flowers and natural science subjects.

  • Colored Pencil Challenge: See Lessons and Teacher resources. (Archive)

  • Deep Space - An online tutorial in the illusion of depth. This wonderful short video, by Tricia Fuglestad, is geared to the elementary level.

  • Gallery Games (PDF) pdf- A great document with games related to Asian masks.

  • How to Draw (PDF) pdf- An eBook with instructions on drawing various subjects.

  • PixelPerfect - [Archive] Video lessons on digital art.

  • Sketching and Drawing with botanical artist, Cynthia Padilla. Learn and improve drawing skills through direct observation in dry media such as graphite pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, and pastels.

  • Study Art a large glossary of art terms, styles, and artists. (Archive)

  • What is a Print? - [Archive] With flash tutorials on woodcut, etching, lithography, and screenprinting. This site is great on a digital overhead to demonstrate the processes of each printmaking procedure.

Ideas for Art Project / Activity / Learning Centers

  • Art Game Ideas - A list of ideas from Getty list members on IAD.

  • Monster Engine - Dave Devries renders children's drawings of monsters in realistic detail (comic book style). Might be a fun lesson idea for you to do with younger students and high school. Create your own monster book for children.

  • Origami Club - This site has animated tutorials on creating origami from hundreds of templates.

Van Gogh Jigsaw Puzzle

Online Activities for Kids | Lesson Plans for Teachers

Art Media Tutorials | Activity/Learning Centers | Widget Games