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An art teacher's first teaching job is a time of learning by trial and error. Feelings of isolation are common because in many cases, especially at the elementary or primary level, you are the only art teacher in the school. When a school has a professional development day, frequently PD activities have nothing to do with the arts. Although you may have learned a lot in art school, most of your learning is yet to come. College doesn't fully prepare you for your own classroom.


This section is intended to smooth the entry of a new art teacher into his or her new position. It contains information on how to handle special education students, art assessments, art curriculum, school law, and more. You can read up on brain research, hone your classroom management skills, and learn about federal mandates.


If you're a new teacher and you don't find something you're looking for in this section, please e-mail us and let me know what you would like to see.