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Schools across the world opened to a year that will go down in history. Some states opened schools with few restrictions, while others are open to eLearning or virtual opportunities only. Whatever situation you find yourself in, IAD is here to help.


Most visitors to IAD are here either for the free art lessons or special pages on resources such as the color symbolism page. However, there are thousands of other resources available on this website. You can find testing or rubric resources on the Art Files page. The Art Teacher Toolbox has about anything else you are looking for, especially if you're a new teacher. Finally, the Art Stuff section has resources for artists, museums, galleries, activities and art games.


A Little History...

IAD began as a showcase for elementary art students in Indiana and now includes a diverse range of subjects and topics of interest to art educators, general area teachers, students, parents, artists, and homeschoolers the world over.


On this site you can find free art lessons, news, art resources, art careers, schools, and help for new art teachers. Submission of lessons and other art related topics is encouraged and may be submitted by e-mailing IAD.


IAD envisions a world where everyone has access to the arts both in school and in the community. We believe that the arts are an essential component for a quality education. Research shows that schools that have strong arts programs also have higher achieving students. The arts encourages creativity and creative problem-solving. These skills are also valuable in the work place. The arts teach us much about various cultures around the world.


Problems with Printer Friendly Pages

We have been having issues with the code for the printer friendly view on every page of the website. The host of this site was unable to resolve the issues so the printer friendly links have been removed from the site. If you want a print friendly version of any page of the site, simply e-mail us the exact address of the page and we'll e-mail you the page without the ads or background images. We apologize for this but the code for this has become outdated with the advancements in content-management systems.

Feel Isolated in Your Classroom? Join the Art Education Community!

IAD hosts two list groups with many members who are art teachers, students, artists, and homeschoolers. Each list group is searchable and you can post a question to many art teachers across the world to get your answer. To sign up for the art education listgroups, visit this link.

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